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Ultimus数字流程自动化套件创新Flobot™ 技术自动化了重复的、容易出错的人工任务,简化了集成——无需编写代码或使用单独授权的RPA“机器人”。新发布的IDP Flobots™具有智能文档处理能力:









Ultimus董事长兼首席执行官 Leigh Michl 评论道“如果你想要真正的端到端自动化而不是半步自动化,你需要一个强大的业务流程自动化平台来协调所有部分——集成、业务规则、提取、人员和时间线。凭借我们独特的架构,智能数据处理功能只是构成端到端解决方案的众多可重用资产之一。如果客户需要为每一款IDP和每一个项目找到自己的解决方案,这将花费很长时间,而且可能支持不下去。


如果您想了解每一款IDP 和解决方案更多相关信息,请联系我们: 



New York, NY – March 3, 2022 – Ultimus, the award-winning leader in low-code digital process automation, announced the availability of additional Intelligent Document Processing capabilities that reduce the cost and complexity of developing optimized, end-to-end automated business process solutions.


The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite’s innovative Flobot technology automates repetitive, error-prone human tasks and simplifies integrations - without the need to write code or separately license RPA "bots". Newly released IDP Flobots:

· Pre-integrate with multiple best of breed machine learning extraction providers so that invoice, purchase order, receipt, and other unstructured document data is seamlessly and automatically incorporated into business processes

· Leverage Ultimus machine learning models that recognize and extract structured data from passports, identification documents, and government forms

· Automate the training and retraining of industry and customer specific machine learning models and report on model accuracy

· Pre-integrate with sentiment and keyword analysis for extraction of data and routing and prioritizing of emails and text messages.

Ultimus also released a newly enhanced Extraction Verification Control where human-in-the-loop validation of extracted data is required.


Ultimus Chairman & CEO Leigh Michl commented “if you want true end-to-end automation instead of half steps, you need a strong business process automation platform to orchestrate all the parts – integrations, business rules, extraction, humans and timelines. With our unique architecture, intelligent data processing capabilities are just one of the many reusable assets that you compose into end-to-end solutions. If customers had to figure out how to do it on their own for each flavor of IDP and for each project, it would take forever and be impossible to maintain”.